Gas griddle, top version, ½ smooth, ½ ribbed plate

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Gas griddle with 1/2 smooth and 1/2 grooved plate counter top model. Side panels, bottom and back made in stainless steel. Top made in AISI 304 thickness 15/10. Rear flue made in enamelled cast-iron. designed for flush alignment. Recessed (4 cm) hotplate fully welded and sealed to the top. Superficie satinata con zona fredda sulla parte frontale della piastra. Round hole and extractable drawer for grease drain and collection. Two indipendent cooking zones. Plate dim.735x530 mm. Heating by means of steel burner with stabilized flame complete with pilot flame and safety thermocouple. Cooking temperature manually controlled by gas supply safety tap. Automatic ignition by means of piezoelectric device with waterproof cap. Special design knobs to avoid water penetration in the control panel. Adjustable feet. IPX4 protection rating. Gas total power 12 kW.
Ulteriori informazioni
Capacità 735x530 mm
Versione Liscia,Rigata
Dimensioni (Larg x Prof x Alt) mm 800 x 730 x 250
Energia Gas
KW gas 12
Modello VS7080FTRGVT


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