Watercoolers & Cool Drinks Dispensers

Cold Beverage Dispensers Nothing hits the spot on a hot day like an ice cold beverage served in a timely fashion from a reliable dispenser. Ice tea, lemonade, slushy, or mixed drinks served at just the right degree of coldness are what your customers demand. There are a wide variety from single beverage dispensing machines to ones which hold multiple beverages.Hot Beverage Dispensers Imagine the convenience of pushing a button to obtain a great cup of cappuccino or hot chocolate! At your gas station or corner store, customers can not only obtain the hot beverage they came in for in a timely manner, they are susceptible to an impulse purchase while in your store. At Corporate Catering Equipment Food equipment, we can supply hot beverage dispensers for you to add that extra purchase you might otherwise have missed.Hot Water Dispensers Having adequate hot water on hand, dependably, reliably, and optimally is the need of every restaurant, staff lounge, and corner market. The convenience of self-serving stations which require little or no maintenance can be a boost to your business. There are a variety of capacities in both automatic fill and manual.Drinks Dispensers Offering a multitude of benefits to the professional caterer, a high quality drinks dispenser can be essential, especially during unusually hot or cold weather conditions. From top quality slush machines for those summer scorchers, to large floor standing hot water dispensers for cold winter mornings, a constant supply of freshly chilled or piping hot water is indispensable. The Nisbets range includes single, twin or triple tank slush machines as well as countertop or freestanding water coolers and heaters. In addition, there are stylish built-in units which ensure only the dispensing components are visible - perfect for front-of-house areas. From top brands including Blue Ice, Winix, Cosmetal and many more, the selection is wide and comprehensive.Water Boilers When large quantities of on-tap piping hot water are required, a commercial water boiler or tea urn is the ideal machine to improve productivity and save time. Whether you're running a mobile catering business or a busy café during the morning rush, most caterers benefit from using one of these efficient and powerful appliances to make tea, coffee, hot chocolate or soup. This category includes compact portable countertop manual fill tea urns to large, auto fill water boilers which require a mains water connection. In addition, the selection includes space-saving wall mounted hot water boilers and discreet under counter water boilers. If you're unsure which type of water boiler is suitable for your business, check out our Water Boiler Buying Guide. If you need a dedicated coffee machine, check out our extensive range of commercial coffee and espresso machines.

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  • cold drink dispenser, 2x 9 litres

  • cold drink dispenser, 3x 9 litres

  • drink dispenser 6 litres for hot drinks

  • Tetra Pak warmer for 3 packings

  • Turkish tea maker of 23 liters

  • Turkish tea maker of 40 liters

  • Water drinking fountains für cold water up to +4°C, min. 31 liter/ hour, floor-standing

  • Water drinking fountains für cold water up to +4°C, min. 31 liter/ hour, wall-mounted


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