Refrigerated top displays

Serving people raw food, especially raw fish, means that you need to keep it extremely fresh and that means the temperature needs to be kept constant. When it comes to sushi, you really can’t afford to play around but at the same time, you need a way to showcase all those delicious little morsels and a sushi display fridge is the perfect solution. We supply an extensive range of sushi bars from some of the top brands in the industry, including F.E.D. and Hoshizaki. Available in various sizes and designs, with these sushi showcase units, you’ll be able to show off your chef’s talents while keeping everything perfectly fresh and safe to eat for your customers.

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  • pan cooler 10x GN 1/4, +2°/+8°C

  • pan cooler 3x GN 1/3 + 1x GN 1/2, +2°/+8°C

  • pan cooler 5x GN 1/3 + 1x GN 1/2, +2°/+8°C

  • pan cooler 5x GN 1/4, +2°/+8°C

  • pan cooler 6x GN 1/4, +2°/+8°C

  • pan cooler 7x GN 1/4, +2°/+8°C

  • pan cooler 8x GN 1/3, +2°/+8°C

  • pan cooler 8x GN 1/4, +2°/+8°C

  • pan cooler 9x GN 1/3, +2°/+8°C


9 Item(s)

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