Showcase display for tapas

Serve Overs Do you want to install serve overs in your convenience store, super mart or retail outlet in order to create a perfect display to entice customers and impulse sales? Then, it’s a great option to go for. Corporate Catering Equipment offers an incredible range of serve over display counter fridge that offer both functional and aesthetic value. Just have a look and choose the one that suits your business requirements.Serve-Over Counters Are you looking for a refrigeration unit for your convenience store, restaurant or café to store and display perishable food items that looks attractive too to entice customers? Here at Corporate Catering Equipment group, we have an extensive range of serve over counters that are ultimate in style and are perfect for displaying and promoting impulse sales of frozen products. Whether its glass display or solid hinged units, we’ve got it available at competitive prices. Our small display counters come in various sizes and styles with varying capacities, specifications and dimensions to perfectly meet the needs of our customers. Each unit is specially designed by keeping in mind the latest industry standards. We stock a series of renowned brands including Blizzard, Corporate Catering Equipment, Interlevin, Scancool, Frilixa, Infrico, Framec and much more. Whether you need a general purpose chiller or a fresh meat cabinet; our products are easy-to-access and maintain. Just choose from the vast range as we cater every budget, taste, and layout! If you want to make your buying decision a bit easier, then have a look at our product descriptions available on our website that highlights specs, features, and other important consideration. Corporate Catering Equipment Group truly understands the need of its patrons, thus striving to supply quality products coupled with excellent after-sales support. We are also offering Lease-To-Buy option for our customers to facilitate the process of buying. With more than six years of experience, we have succeeded in building long-term relationships with the top manufacturers all through our journey; that's why we know which product will be beneficial for your business. We'll never ask a single penny for delivery from our customers. Just order your favorite model right now, and it will be delivered the very next day at your front door. We all know that the refrigeration industry in moving fast, that's why we prefer to deliver your orders as soon as possible. Corporate Catering Equipment Group will give you a broad range of refrigerated display cabinets with the lowest price possible and the unbeatable service and support. We also offer two years full warranty on our refrigeration units. Then, what are you waiting for? Just choose a stylish and robust serve over fridge that best suits your business design and layout. Call us right now and talk to our sales representative for further information.

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  • heated display, tabletop, 4x GN 1/3 h=40 mm

  • heated display, tabletop, 6x GN 1/3 h=40 mm

  • tapas cooler display with 2 levels, 4x GN 1/3

  • tapas cooler display with 2 levels, 6x GN 1/3

  • tapas cooler display with 2 levels, 8x GN 1/3

  • tapas cooler display, 4x GN 1/3

  • tapas cooler display, 6x GN 1/3

  • tapas cooler display, 8x GN 1/3


8 Item(s)

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